Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I think a plan is just a list of things that don't happen

I think I must be a horrible proofreader.  I swear, I have gone back and edited the grammar, punctuation and layout of each of my posts more than three times.  I gotta pay more attention to what the heck I'm typing.  Either that, or have someone constantly slap me upside the head while typing, in order to get it right the first time.

Anyways, I spent all day today downtown, sipping Sidral and Sangria with some friends, in order to forget everything.  Didn't really work, but hey, those drinks aren't exactly high in alcohol content, so that's probably the issue (and yes, I'm a teetotaler).  I wish I could say exactly what I'm trying to forget, but I can't really get into that without coming across as a complete jerk (or a crybaby, depending on how you see it). So, I'll just end this post with some more good music, since I haven't done that in a couple days.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Some say he never speaks and he never changes his clothes...

As time goes on, I'm less and less impressed with American TV. In fact, there are really only three that I'm consistently watching at the moment. The new season of Dexter is way better than the last two, and being the wookie-suiter I am, The Walking Dead is thoroughly delightful.  Now, the third, I'm not as exited about, but I hope it gets better.

Enter Top Gear America.

Now, here's wot I think....

It's not sexist, because it's sexist!

Well, an acquaintance of mine was exited because a new gun store was opening in her area.  Her neck of the woods is definitely big into the gun culture, but is just small enough a place that the only gun shops there are all pawn shops or sporting goods stores.  So obviously this new shop opening was pretty exiting, not only because it would mean the first 'true' gun store out there, but also because it would be packing the only indoor shooting range in a very large radius.  So, she decided to check it out, and subsequently email me about the whole experience....

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Painful Bliss

So, right when I get over that feeling of laziness that prevented me from posting anything of merit, I end up helping my roommate's brother relocate domiciles at a relatively late hour.  Not a bad experience, but past my regularly-scheduled, hallucination inducing pass-out time once it was over.

Then today, after watching "The Good, The Bad, The Weird" (obviously worth watching if Tam recommends it), I went to a belated Thanksgiving dinner with the aforementioned roommate's family.  Let me tell you, I don't think I will EVER have homemade pies that good again.  I mean, I don't know of anyone else that makes an egg-nog pie.  I'm not even that big of a fan of turkey either, but sheesh, I had to have thirds of that stuff.  Of course, I also always enjoy the company of the people there as well.  While withering in pain after an abundance of senseless over-eating, we all gathered and played catch phrase.  Naturally, humorous misunderstandings ensued.  Needless to say, I enjoyed my delayed holiday of gluttony very much, and ensured I won't need to eat again for another two days minimum.

Ok, that said and done, I promise I'll post something of substance tomorrow.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I did have a nice idea for a post...

But i just ain't feeling it today. I'm telling you, whenever I try to start off the day with a good attitude, my day turns out a little like this.  Except with me, I think my chest is what's falling into the traps.  Well, someone beautiful did call me 'sunshine' today, even though I'm fresh outta that crap.

I guess it's time for some more musical therapy...

Friday, November 26, 2010

Family, isn't it about ...time?

I love my family, but sometimes I think being a 'long distance' older brother is like pulling nails.  I swear, my teenage brothers have been pulling all kinds of crap for freaking ever and it's got to stop.  It's one thing when they're just annoying me, it's another matter entirely if they think pissing off their mother is funny.  Things like that make me want to abduct them, dress them in one-piece red pajamas with the bottom cut out, then unleash a rampant wildebeest on 'em.  That is all.

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda...

A cool story on The Firearm Blog, posted a while ago, about a modular AR10/15 that will have interchangeable mag wells to accomidate a variety of calibers. looks pretty intriguing, but familiar....

Because, I swear on my soul, I had this EXACT same freaking idea a couple years ago.  My roommate can vouch for this, as he's heard me droning on and on about it before.  I gotta get more familiar with patents, cuz my laziness might be starting to cost me money now.

The Friendface Blues

Ugh. A few days ago, I did the very thing I wanted to avoid doing for the longest time.  I joined facebook.  I hate that petri-dish of friendship and I really don't like most people in general.  I only joined it to-.....no....nope.  You know what?  I'm keeping that one to myself.  Anyways, back to the point.  I joined it under a pseudonym because there's just a cornucopia of people on there that would just love nothing more than to find me and ensure that a twisted, corrupt form of street justice is exacted upon my hide.  Non-judicial punishment aside, I was hoping to keep my number of bacteria-ridden "friends" on there to less than maybe a baker's dozen of my most trusted family members and acquaintances.  But alas, I am not even on there for more than two days when the very people I want to avoid on there (as in anyone else) know that I now have an account.  Awesome. I thought about deleting the thing entirely, but that may be excessive.  I'll just try to avoid going on there too often.

Well, in order to cheer myself and this post up, I think it's time for some good music. I like to blast this song at levels of volume just shy of dis-respectful.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to you too...

So, last night was fun.  My chipset controller literally exploded in front of me.  I am currently on a "spare" system that was ad-hocked together just this morning.  Thank goodness I keep all my important data backed up on storage drives.  It's certainly an ambivalent moment, considering that other than a lackluster power supply, this system's hardware is an improvement over my old one; even though it's basically a corporate throw-away tower.  Now I know how captain Kirk felt when he got the Enterprise-A.  It's definitely better than the old ship, but dammit, I miss my old chair.

The worst part of this warp-core breach, is that it happened right as I was attempting to call my mom on Gchat, because my cellphone's charger broke earlier this week. Due to the holiday, I doubt the replacement I ordered is getting here anytime soon. So, now I'm sure she thinks I'm just being a jerk and I won't hear the end of it the next time I actually manage to get a hold of her.

So, I figure this at least gives me an opprtunity to upgrade to a better system on the cheap.  Perhaps to the point that it's a blessing in disguise.  I can slap a core2 duo in here for less than 50 bucks, which would be nice.  Then, I'll most likely get a nice 500 watt power supply for it, then call it good.  Or, if I'm feeling particularly rich when this goes down, I might even get a new video card as well.

I swear, this whole past month has been serving me up nothing but heaping plate full of fail.  This month I have not only destroyed a computer, I broke my cell phone (right on the day some prospective employers were attempting to call me), accidentally sliced my hands up multiple times, jacked up my back from lifting like a retard, pissed off a few friends, hit my head viciously yesterday, and realized I can't go home for the holidays at all this year.  The only way this month could get worse, is if some woman I'm really attracted to tells me I'm like a brother to her.  Oh, wait. That's already happened this week.  So, it looks like my month is complete. Can't wait for Christmas!

Update: The upside to not being with family over the holidays, is that Black Friday shopping is now a now a complete non-issue.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The frustrations of fun

Okay, so I gotta get a little frustration vented. If you live in the tri-state area of Utah, Idaho and parts of Arizona, and are an aficionado of used firearms, then you obviously love the KSL.com classifieds. It's like craigslist, but without the weirdo hippies looking for hook-ups, so in other words, better. You can find just about any kind of gun for sale on there if you check it frequently enough. they can range from the classic, like an 18th century 18 gauge Flintlock Fowler by James Wilkinson, that I saw earlier today. Or this 1871 Remington 10 Gauge Double Barrel:
 Ooooh, shiny!
Of course there are your more practical firearms, like this pristine FAL (that was also being sold with 1500 rounds of .308 with it)
Then there's always, without fail, things that are downright exotic, like this crazy Mossberg 500 with a Knoxx sidewinder conversion.
 Looks fun.
Well, I think you get the point. This website is obviously just the foshizzle, and the prices are usually pretty reasonable, with occasional steals hidden throughout.

Now, here's where I get to the problem....

Oh yeah, before I forget...

 I had this stuck in my head all day today. I need to play New Vegas a lot less.

Thanksgiving resolutions

  Well, I've been telling myself for sometime now that doing something like this will be good for me, considering that what's left of my journal is sitting on a shelf somewhere collecting dust.  I often get these weird desires to have my crappy opinion about my random interests voiced in some way, and I suppose I might as well spew them forth upon the inter-tubes (considering they'll let anyone on there right?).  So, without further adieu, This is the home of  Saint Grendel, blogging about whatever comes to mind, whenever it comes to mind.  I set a goal for myself to try to post at least 3-4 times a week, but this is certainly subject to change as my availability fluctuates.

So, yeah.  The day before Thanksgiving.  Why now?  Well, I suppose it's because I'm bored as hell, and this is the first Thanksgiving weekend that I have made the conscious choice not to spend it with my family.  Not that I don't love them dearly, but I simply don't have the cash to visit this year, and I don't want to have to burden them with bringing me down there and back on their budget.  That, and most of the people I want to see will actually be other places than home anyways (I'm talking about YOU dvinjo!). As dumb as it sounds, I'll just have to settle for a friendface (facebook) Thanksgiving with the Mom, I suppose.

I don't really have anything else to do today other than maybe help the roomie clean out some towers he got from work, and cannibalize the heck out of 'em. So, I guess I'll just finish tweaking with some of my settings here on Blogger and get on with it.