Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Things I hate #64837

Shallow and image conscious people.  They really tick me off, especially when I don't have a choice about being around them or not.  Then, those who try to project that on others by generalizing according to gender, age, race, etc, are particularly susceptible to my anger.  For example, if someone says, "men/women are all ____(stupid, shallow, easy, ignorant) because they all _(insert speaker's favorite retarded activity here)_ . 

When I hear these things, I can't help but speak up and mention that I have never done anything like the retarded activity they are mentioning, because regardless of who they are talking about, someone participating in the conversation is indirectly insulted.  That, and it just makes you look like a dick when you bust out the sexist bull crap. 

Just because I learned the hard way that most of the women my age I have met, are shallow and inconsiderate morons, doesn't mean all of them are.  I'm sure there are some very nice, intelligent and fun women out there, but I am certainly man enough to admit that I am too mean, hateful, and introverted to ever meet any of them, let alone get to know them.  So there.

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