Tuesday, May 31, 2011


With the long weekend over, it's almost a relief.  There was so much going down over the weekend, all I can remember is going from a train to a room, a car and a room, then a room and a room.  Okay, not that bad, but pretty busy.

Here's how everything went down.  I went to a big party to watch some UFC, then hosted an epic LAN party that lasted over 14 hours, then I was off to another friend's house and explored some less than familiar areas of the valley after going to lunch.  The craziest part of all that, is that I actually had more things planned, before they fell through.
...and of course we played oodles of Sacrifice of Angels 2
But that's all behind me; now to get back to the joys of corporate life!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Like an extra sabbath

It's Memorial Day, and one thing that is pressing on my mind is the fact that the cost of freedom is paid in lives, and not just in battle, but in the everyday defense of our country.

Case in point: On the causeway to Antelope Island, right before the entrance to the park, there is a very small turnoff that has a walkway with a flagpole and stone memorial.  It's not often noticed, due to it being mistaken for the flag for the park entrance, or perhaps just a scenic view.  But, in October 1992, at 9:15 pm, during a special operations training exercise, an MH-60G Pave Hawk crashed into the Great Salt Lake after losing control in extreme weather.  After a fervent search effort, it was found that all but one of the 14 servicemen aboard, died in the crash.

Their names are now forever etched in stone, a sobering reminder that the responsibility of national defense has always been a serious endeavor, regardless of any peace or wartime condition.  So, be sure to remember in your prayers, those that make our way of life possible, and give them the support and respect they so rightly have earned. 

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Yellow rose of Texas clad in black...

Been a while since I posted any music and even longer since I posted a song this nerdy, so enjoy the song and your long weekend.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Conversations at work: part deux

So, my coworkers and I had just picked up our lunch from an upscale burger joint and were munching down on 'em at the office.  Not being a fan of fry sauce, I offer to give my sauce to one of my coworkers for his ketchup.  He then gets all defensive, thinking I wanted his fry sauce.

I say, "Sheesh, why do you gotta be all high strung?  I could give you a hug, if you think that'll help."
He momentarily lifts his head away from his very messy burger just long enough to quip, "Okay, but it'll be pretty saucy"
Everyone immediately stops eating just long enough for him to realize just what he said, and I reply, "Man, that was the most wrong thing I have ever heard you say."

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I love my job, but...

I just realized something about myself.  I really hate filling out insurance forms.  Hate it.  But, I guess it's all worth it in the long run.  But that doesn't stop me from griping about it.  Other than that, I still love my job to death.  I mean, I can't think of another place in the tri-county area in which I can get paid to gab about games, guns, and girls.  I feel like I'm finally one of the "standard nerds."  Now, back to figuring out that dang HSA...

At least I don't have one of those damn flex accounts like Dr. Krieger.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My inner fanboy is crying

Ah, Robinson Armament.  Why do you torture me so?  You have such an exceedingly fine product, yet spotty customer service, and atrociously horrible marketing and PR.  It's been over two years since you announced a 5.45x39mm model/conversion, but still haven't delivered and your moving to a different location shouldn't take more than six months.  I know you're a small outfit, but come on!

I wouldn't mind so much if you just took five minutes of your day to update your website, or post on your forum the reason for the delays.  Heck, Airbus A380's have a quicker time getting assembled.  So, for the love of everything holy, just make the dang product I'm actually willing to buy from you, that you promised would already be here by now.

The feeling of just imagining one of the these things in 5.45 is like having a koala bear crap a rainbow in my brain.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I was at a loss of what to get a gal for her birthday, but I think I've found a gift that takes the cake (pun intended).

Then again, if I want her to actually survive the tasty zombie invasion, I'll have to get her some proper chocolate supplies as well.

Found out about the zombie cakes via Jay G.  

Monday, May 23, 2011

Why is physics lost on people?

Got into a discussion at work in which everyone else was under the delusion that the Taurus Judge is the perfect self defense weapon.  There just isn't enough barrel to gain sufficient velocity to produce reliable man stopping results.  Not only this, but if you want a real hand cannon, why not just buy a standard .44 Mag revolver?  The rounds have more weight, velocity, and penetration potential than ANY stupid load you can shoot out of a judge (not to mention the fact that you'll have an extra round).  So why is this misconception so popular?

I therefore, will issue unto you the infallible gospel that is the Box of Truth, and their test of buckshot, slugs, and bird shot from the handheld member of the Judicial branch.

Click the logo to read the TRUTH.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

No, the world DID come to an end

Because I managed to secure an impromptu outing with a member of the fairer sex this fine evening.  So, yes I fully expect torrential blizzards to encompass Beelzebub and for fire and brimstone to blanket the earth any minute now....

Now, maybe it's just me, but I always thought the apocalypse would be more than just a little romantic.

So exited I can't stand myself

I was so exited to have a normal weekend that I had trouble going to sleep last night.  I was like my annoying little seven year old self waiting to go to Disneyland the next day.  At the same time, I don't really see why.  I'm not gonna be doing much over this weekend, and I never really used to do much in the first place.  Maybe it's just the excitement from having a newfound freedom of choice about it, or something.

Friday, May 20, 2011

My coworkers are my heroes

So, our sysadmin just randomly walked up to our manager and said, "What does it take to be a manager?"
The Mgr. replies, "just be horrible, I guess."
"But Jim is actually a good manager, so how the heck did that happen?"
My manager just looks on in silence.

Man, these guys are great.  That, and I can't think of any other workplace that has a collection of unspent rounds of differing calibers, or walls adorned with PC parts that have been shot by various firearms.  Cool.
Not OUR collection, but it gets the point across...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Perks of the job, baby!

So, not even a week into the job, and I got myself a free decommissioned laptop from my work.  Nice.  I wonder what else I can smuggle aboard the St. Grendel express train to home....maybeeeeee....one of these?
Nah, the shelf life of these babies is better than a family line of cockroaches...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Speaking of shai halud

Before the awesomeness of the movie Dune was released on the unsuspecting public, it was in what many filmmakers like to call "development hell."  The film was initially given to Alejandro Jodorowsky to direct.  His mission statement was as follows: "I did not want to respect the novel, I wanted to recreate it. For me Dune did not belong to Herbert as Don Quixote did not belong to Cervantes, nor Edipo with Esquilo."   Thank goodness they got David Lynch to do it instead.  The original story was weird and revolutionary on it's own.  I honestly think I may have been pissed after seeing Jodorowsky's version of the film.  See the trailer below for more evidence of talentless hackery.

The only reason I mention all of this is because I find 'behind the scenes' and unfinished film projects to be very fascinating, and as the trailer above seems imply, there is to be a new documentary about Jodorowsky's Dune that never was.  Seems like it'll be interesting on the film making side, but nearly infuriating if you actually like the novel (or other screen adaptations). 

'Better red than dead' just lacks discipline.

Got into a discussion last week with a very pro gun control person.  I never expected to get anywhere when it came to changing his opinion, but I wanted to see if I could de-construct the conversation enough to get to his core beliefs on the subject.

Our discussion had plenty of finer points, but the intriguing point of the conversation came when I brought up the fact that an armed populace is not only a safer society, but that it can either deter tyranny or enable revolution in the face of an oppressive government.  He (naturally) refuted my "claim" and stated that not only would government forces annihilate a widespread public revolution, but that the only way gun control can truly work is if the entire populace is completely disarmed.
Long live the fighters!
I responded by pointing out that that the only countries that have completely barred firearms were mostly extremist regimes, such as the Nazi party, and many communist nations.  I added that I would much rather die supporting the cause of freedom with the tools that can enable me to do so, rather than live to see my country become such a state.

He countered by saying that there is no hope of countering the powers that be, and that he would rather be alive and oppressed than dead with a gun in his hands.  I wanted to clarify, so I said, "So you would rather live as an enabler of an oppressive state than die for the cause of freedom?"
"Yes" he replies.
"Just checking...."
You can get these HERE.  I actually got the T-shirt with this on it.
There is his core belief.  It is perfectly natural to want to ensure self preservation, but when you can't find the cause of freedom worth dying for, I will question that man's integrity and sanity. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Late night calls...

No, not those kind.  Just that most of my friends seem to all work non-standard shifts.  So, naturally I'm gonna get people gabbing at me throughout all hours of the night.  It's kinda weird knowing that I'm one of only a small handful of people I know that actually work a standard 8-5 day shift.  How about that?  I whine and complain about not being in a normal human-style job, only to find out that when I get one, I'm the one who's not normal.

...and for those who get it, once we are done with the humans, we shall wage our war against the bees...

Monday, May 16, 2011

Well, that was enlightening

My first day has come and gone without receiving any kind of burn notice; heck, nary so much as a verbal dressing down either.  Dare I say, things may be looking up after all.  Thanks to all those who wished me well.

nervous? nah...

But it still wouldn't hurt to wish me luck on my first official day on the new job.  Or you can pray for me to your deity of choice, but you know, preferably the God of Israel would be nice.  Because, I hear some of the other ones can be a little more "lively":

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Medication received

Was able to go shooting yesterday afternoon.  Went with the roomie, his brothers, and a couple of their friends.  I was especially exited because neither of the friends his brothers had taken along had ever gone shooting before.  I always love shooting, but taking someone on their first trip is just great.

See, giving the gift of shooting, it fills one with a sense of pride and joy; similar to feeling like some kind of militant Santa Claus.  Just awesome.  My only regret is not having a camera for this whole excursion, that evidence may be submitted for your entertainment.  Oh well, maybe later.

But hey, in the meantime, there's always music.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

What, are you going to light me on fire?

Update: this is a repost of something I wrote on Wednesday that Blogger has decided to not restore, so this will differ from the original post by having some updated content due to recent events.  Enjoy.

So, I forgot to mention yesterday what transpired on my last day of my old job.  When I arrived at work the boss wanted to have a word with me.  He pulled me aside and lectured me about our attendance policy (which is abnormally strict) and wanted me to sign a written reprimand.

Now, I should probably give you some background here.  We worked on a point system.  One point for being up to five minutes late, two points for being over twenty minutes late, or two for calling in.  You are suspended after getting five points and terminated after six.  Or, that's how it's supposed to go.  I have multiple coworkers that have racked up dozens of points (yes we counted 'em), and they have never so much as seen a minute of suspension.

The most wonderful day of the year

So, yesterday was Friday the 13th, and I ended up spending most of the day at a wedding reception (congrats, Ian and Sarah!).  All in all, I say it's the perfect day for such a joyous occasion, because my track record with Friday thirteenths had always been one of good luck.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Beyond my control

Blogger has issues and apparently needed to delete my last couple posts.  I'll see if I can do anything about it. 

Thursday, May 12, 2011

gloved hand proof

So, my Mom told me about something that happened to her the other day.  She was attempting to get insurance for my younger brothers, and was told by the insurance company that they needed some proof that they exist.  So, she grabbed their birth certificates along with a couple other things.  Upon arrival back at the insurance company, she was told that a birth certificate doesn't qualify as a valid proof of existence!

When being told this, I simply said to my Mom, "I guess they only work if you're the President and you photoshopped the living hell out of it."  Well played, nameless insurance provider....

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My big fat mouth

Or, rather, my big fat hands.  Whatever.  Point is, they're unintentionally getting me in trouble again.  That is all.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Boredom: 1, Posts: 0

Cannot for the life of me think of anything worthwhile to post...oh well, I'm off to browse netflix!

What a relief

No more getting up at 3 in the morning any more.  Looking forward to not having as much free time anymore, and having oodles more money.  It's a win-win here. 

Monday, May 9, 2011

News flash

Socialized news agencies don't work.  Case in point: BBC has an article that is titled "why is the word 'slut' so offensive?"  Well, care to make a gander on that answer, Sherlock?  I swear, I can't make this crap up.
PS. The article isn't quite as shallow as it's title, but still. 

Conspiracy Theory

No, not the Mel Gibson flick, I mean that garbled stuff you hear from other people all the time.  I don't seek to offend anyone I know with this, this is just me waxing eloquent once more.
See, no sooner than the announcement that Bin Laden is dead, there's already millions of people saying that it aint true and that it's all a hoax.  Lookey here, friends; I hate to burst your bubble, but, let's look at this objectively.

First off, we are currently under one of the top three dumbest administrations in American history.  I highly doubt that any conspiracy would last longer than a month at best, due to the sheer ineptitude of the government as a whole, let alone the bumblings of the current POTUS.  Thinking they'll get away with something that big is just putting waaaayyyy too much faith in those blithering fools.

I mean, seriously, when's the last time the government has tried to keep something secret and it got out?  Like every other freaking day.  That and if the military, on the other hand, really want's to keep something under wraps, it stays that way.  Heck, there are plenty of cold war operations that are just now coming into the light.

Secondly, and most importantly, DEVGRU (SEALS) have confirmed the operation was a success and his DNA was even matched with that of a family member's.  Now, I dunno about you, but every serviceman/woman I have met can be described as many things, ie. psycho, danger eating, victory crapping, utterly crazy, or as death defying bad-assess. Now, despite that, a small minority of them can be total douchebags, but NONE of them are what I would call liars.  At least not about the work they do, and this especially applies to those who have seen combat.  Now, do you really want to be seen refuting the claims of the most honorable professional killers on the face of the earth?  I don't think so.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Weekly music

Because I can't be bothered to come up with content on Mother's Day.  Too busy giving a royal bow to mothers.

Also, am I the only one who thinks it's rather ironic that I've had this song stuck in my head the past couple days?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mass ecological terror

So, I used to dislike the time preceding Mothers Day because of my work.  I routinely handled nearly half a million flower boxes every year it came around.  You just get tired of seeing 'em that much; that, and their box shape makes everything more difficult.  But now, I view it in a better light.  Because somewhere out there there's a hippie that's crying over all the killed plants, and that will put a smile on anyone's face.  Picture with NSFW language below the fold.

Friday, May 6, 2011


So disregard the beginning of my last post, cuz I got the job, baby!  I might have to go and get me some Jones Soda or something.  Celebration!  Man, I was beginning to think my life would just always be heading downhill.  Just not today! HA!

Cinematic binge!

Been biding my time, waiting for those people I interviewed with to call me back.  Unfortunately, I have absolutely NOTHING to do in the meantime, so I decided to go on a WWII movie watching spree.  I have seen a good number of Hollywood's products and decided to only watch the 'foreign flicks'.  There were a couple duds, but I'll list the good ones first.

Max Manus:  Wow, what a film.  An account of the life of the man with the same name, also had the highest budget of any film to be made in Norway (and it shows).  Was made around the same time as another one of my favorite foreign war films, Flame and Citron. They are compared with each other quite often, and Max Manus is often seen as slightly inferior.  If I were forced to choose one though, I wouldn't think twice about  choosing Max over the other.

Stalingrad (1993):  A movie depicting the battle and it's aftermath from the German perspective?  Amazingly, it works.  A fictional account of a squad of soldiers told in a very historically accurate manner.  It's not apologetic, nor does it sympathize with Nazis, it's just gritty and realistic story, though sometimes it has some confusing continuity.

The Winter War:  Obviously about the Finno-Russo war.  Not as exemplary or as well financed as the three previously mentioned films, but still very watchable, and interesting in the historical sense, but if you're looking for big budget wow, this might not be your cup o' tea.

Now for the duds, read below the fold.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Standard Nerds

Well, went in for a job interview for an IT position with a very reputable local company.  I won't bore you with any excruciating details, but suffice to day that the interview went well, and I was even described as an 'ideal candidate'.  Won't hear back from them until later today or tomorrow at the latest, so wish me luck.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Can we get Clint Eastwood to steal one?

Because, we could use a closer look at one of these.  Promise we'll give it back....if we feel like it.
Actual pic of the wreck
Being the aviation enthusiast I am, I've been rabidly following the news on Defense Tech regarding the helicopter that crashed in Pakistan during the Bin Laden raid.  When photos of the wreck surfaced, I could tell it wasn't any H-60 variant I knew.  But as time wears on, It's blatantly obvious to just about everyone by now, that the info saying it was an MH-60B, or a similar variant, is nearly a complete crock 'o crap.
An MH-60B Tail section for comparison.
The photographic proof is all over the place, and Defense Tech is willing to stake their reputations on it being a completely new aircraft.  So, now I'm desperately searching for any tidbit of info on the thing before it becomes public.  I's bound to happen eventually, but it's like waiting for a ticking time bomb, except hoping for it to count down sooner rather than later.  More pics of the wreck below the fold.

Update: Supposedly, the official story is that it's a previously unseen low-observable variant of the H-60 family. interesting.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Better to ask for forgiveness...and a freakin' medal!

Jennifer links to breaking news about POTUS not knowing about the Bin Laden raid at all until all the dust settled.  Well, I didn't need anyone to tell me that, let alone a White House 'insider'.  I knew that the moment I heard the raid was successful.

Ah, our beloved military and intelligence services.  Proven to be 100% more successful without the intervention of politicians or the Department of Homeland Buggery (Afghanistan circa 1980's, anyone?).  Go CIA!

It just hit the fan

Wow.  My life is like that portion of the Twilight Zone that borders on the outskirts of hell.  As soon as I think some things are looking up, some epic crap-storm of the century has to de-cloak off my port bow.  I just got a call from my dad saying my grandmother was conned out of $2800, by someone claiming to be me saying they were trapped in the Dominican Republic.  What the monkey dick is going on!?  I would go into more details, but it's obviously a bit more personal than what I'd like to share over the internet, along with making less sense than a socialistic economy, or a sane person buying a nickleback album.  Sheesh, I don't even get the courtesy of decent narration.

Update:  There's just gotta be some kind of way I can blame Rafael Trujillo for all this and start a one-man invasion of that place. 

Monday, May 2, 2011

Ding, Dong, the witch is dead!

Which old witch?  The wicked witch!  Sorry for not celebrating earlier, but I wasn't watching the news Saturday night.

Update:  You know, this almost makes me sad, cuz I used to fantasize about quitting my job, grabbing my rifle, and hauling off to B.F.E. to claim the twenty some-odd million reward for finding that sad excuse for biological waste.  Oh well, I'll just have to pick another face from the deck of cards.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

forgotten no more

Some of you might notice that there's a new addition to the list to the left.  Forgotten Weapons is a blog of perfection that's an absolutely fascinating read, and I highly recommend it.  Use it for quelling boredom, educating yourself, as a bedtime story for children, a way to have fun with your dog, put your girlfriend to sleep, the possibilities are endless!

The curse of zombification

I work an early morning shift.  I get up at 3 A.M. every dang day of the week.  I used to not mind this very much, but now, it's having an affect on my weekends.  After going to bed at about 20:30 last night, I got up at about 3:30, and couldn't go back to sleep.  Half the reason I probably couldn't, was because I was boiling over with hatred that I wasn't sleeping in.  Man, I hate my job.

So now, I already feel like a starving zombie, and have a really early start on a day that's probably going to be slower than a molasses smothered turtle joyriding on the back of some snails.
So, yeah, that picture is what it feels like.  Heaven forbid I ever meet another gunblogger, cuz they'll blast me into the next life for giving off a big time dead head vibe that's stronger than skunk butt.  Did have a good time last night, though.