Tuesday, June 14, 2011

We have technology

Just was fiddling around with those PowerEdge 2850 severs I got from work.  Sad to see they aren't worth as much as I was hoping for, but interesting stuff, nonetheless.  Anyways, enough with the techno-babble, let's get on with life.

I was recently told by just about everyone at work that I should moonlight as a voice actor.  I honestly don't think I'm that good, but apparently I give everyone there a good enough laugh that they seriously suggest it.  Especially when they request my impression of "Stewart Gilligan Griffin", it seems I am rather impressive.

Not much else exciting, other than the fact that my spare computer is now dying as well.  Hopefully everything can be solved with a simple re installation of windows, but I will remain ever pessimistic.

Holy crap, I'm tired.  I just looked at the screen and noticed that everything has been marked red by the spellchecker.  Super.

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