Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I keep my hair, sir.

So, I definitely aint the betting type, but I did make a wager with the roomie the other day.  I won't go into specifics on the subject, but suffice to say, the penalty for me not keeping my word, is that I would have to shave my head.  Well, not so much shave, but completely Bic'd.  So, yeah.  Better do my part to not let that happen.  On an unrelated note, I really need a haircut.  I'm starting to look like a homeless ruffian with a perm.

Also, the roomie is planning on buying an optic for his AR, and is feverishly researching cheap/affordable options that are still reliable and durable.  Tough gig.  It's a way too flooded market for me to even begin to make a recommendation on it, and I'm the kinda person that would try to shell out the cash for an AGOG, rather than risk wasting my money on a cheap optic.

Man, even though I don't have a rifle at the moment, I would unflinchingly buy an AGOG if they had another one of those 40% off sales for 'em.  Here's a pic of me with a shaved head just thinking about it.

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