Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Where in the hell is Carmen Sandiego?

Absenteeism on the interwebs aside, things have been pretty eventful.  Don't even know where to begin, really.

The holiday weekend wasn't bad, just ended up driving out to Henifer for no apparent reason, which ended up taking all day.  Then, finished up the trip by stopping at World Market in Park City, and so naturally, I ended up spending an exorbitant amount of money on imported soda.  Yum-o.

Yesterday was pretty good as well.  Had a big discussion with the boss about guns, when he mentioned there's a little gun shop about a half hour north of us that closes at 5 that is selling a mass amount of HK USP 40s for only $399.00!  Holy frakking crap!  If I had just the slightest bit more money, I would have gone for it without any hesitation whatsoever.  In the end my boss gave the roomie and I permission to leave early, just so he and my roomie could buy one.  Once again, I am Jack's jealous thoughts.
here she be

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