Sunday, July 10, 2011

Who's "They"?

So, I'm beginning to miss the good old days, when the only activity I would do on the weekends was go outside and hike or shoot.  Now I got these "people" wanting to do "stuff", and frankly it's beginning to tire me out.  Not that I don't like these people, I just get worn out rather easily when I'm spending all my time out and about without any time to just relax. 

Speaking of not being able to relax, it appears I'm not only going to be getting my microsoft certification this week, but I might also be auditioning for a role in a web series on Tuesday, and I think there's been more than a few good words put in for me.  It seems like it'll be a 10 minute long, bi-weekly(?), little stint with roughly 12 or so main characters.  I'm especially exited by the fact that one of the writers is already asking for my input on writing and character development.  Yeah, bet you didn't think I'd get all thespian on camera did you?

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  1. "Give me your money, Old Man!"
    You will be perfect!