Monday, August 1, 2011

I did it again

Yup, totally dropped off the face of the interwebz once more.  This time out of sheer laziness.  Well, not so much laziness, as just dumping all activities that were not an immediate priority. 

Of course, the homefront was hotter than satan's tanning bed, but worth it to see all the people I missed.  I was especially glad to see my brother and the mother-figure again.  Had a really good time, because I hardly had time to do much other than shoot guns the entire time I was there.  I arrived Saturday evening and we promptly went shooing, woke up next morning and went to church, then went shooting, then had dinner with more family, and next morning went shooting again.  Yeah, I guess we're big 2A people, huh?

And of course, I always manage to forget something whenever I go traveling, so I naturally don't have any pictures of any of these events...

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