Thursday, August 11, 2011

Niceness averted

Just yesterday, while staring to write up my last post, a funny thing happened.  Neither my roommate or I were expecting company, when that doorbell suddenly rang.  I go to open the door, and there stands an unassuming woman who immediately asks, "Are you Nick Schmuckballsenbaum?" (name changed to protect the blatantly not innocent)
"No" I reply.
"Well, I'm a private investigator..." as she quickly shows me her 'papers', "Could you tell me how long you've lived here?"
"The better part of a year."
"Have you gotten any mail for him?" She probes.
"Not that I know of."
"hmmm....What is your name?"  I give her my info.  "Could I see some ID to back that up?"
"Yeah"  Then, just after I finish flashing her my driver's license, my phone rings and I immediately answer it by saying, "Yo, this is Nick"

She was not amused.

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