Thursday, September 15, 2011

Are those new slacks?

I forgot why I stared this post.  Not really.  So, as a team building exercise, the entire IT department went out to Boondocks fun center.  It was actually kinda fun, especially the go carts.  Nothing really to write home about, but hey, getting paid to ride around in go carts, I'm already there.  Everyone in systems wanted to just make a video of us in the ball pit, one by one popping out of the pit, screaming, "Bazinga!", but apparently adults aren't allowed in the ball pit.  Phooey.

Next year, though we absolutely have to just have a huge LAN party where we all play BF2/AIX.  Now there's some synergy for ya!  Actually, that's what the entire systems team wanted to do for the past three years, but we keep getting denied by the higher ups and the programmers.  Friggin' programmers.

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