Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's him, and he's back for mooooooore!

So, I'm skillfully developing the problem of dropping off the face of existence while on vacation.  I'm sure it's greatly appreciated by many.  Especially those who are trying to arrange a marriage for me against my will.

The trip down to the homefront wasn't bad, and the weather was almost enjoyable by about the last day I was there.  That still didn't stop me from griping about it's general crappyness, though.  The boy and the mother-figure are doing fairly well, and I also enjoyed picking on the dog while I was there.  I generally stayed in a state of general disarray and laziness, but I managed to find the time to fire off a few guns.  Maybe I can nab some pics of that, even though I was too lazy to even do that while I was there.

So, right now I'm sitting in a classroom taking a Windows 7 familiarization course, which is already proving to be quite handy.  Hopefully, I won't need to study like a maniac for a week afterward in order to pass the cert test. 

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