Monday, October 24, 2011

Hokay, so.

We have the ice caps melting, meteorites crashing into us, the ozone layer leaving us, and me not posting jack squat for a few days.  I know, right? 

Well anyways, what's going on in my little valley of the world?  Well, the primary reason for me not writing is really due to an acute lack of sleep.  I spend Friday afternoon with couple friends of mine, wining and dining at an very unexpectedly expensive restaurant, then spent all day Saturday gaming with some more friends, and then finished my weekend off by hanging out with some other friends.  The rate that this paragraph is going, you'd probably already be fooled into thinking I have loads of friends, or something.  This is not so.

Well, what more do want me to say?  Um...sheesh.....ah.....ugh, I'm just not good at these endings, so here's some music I conveniently forgot to post yesterday.

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