Sunday, October 30, 2011

Love for your fellow man

Remember when I posted that 9gag comic that said "everyday I contemplate becoming a serial killer"?  Yeah, that's a bit more true than I'd like to admit sometimes.  I just have this unquenchable rage when I encounter people more dumb and inconsiderate than me (which, if you know me, HAS to be bad).  Take for instance, a situation that happened today.  I'm at church (obviously a setting that should illicit the opposite response, but whatever), and there's a couple sitting next to me, that just can't sit still.  Which wouldn't normally bug me at all, but they aren't just fidgeting, they are nearly making out (while the guy is fiddling with his iphone at the same time).  It's not like they are a couple dumb teenagers either, they are in their late 20s; they should know better.  Freaking annoying.

Then the guy, when someone is going through a very personal moment on the podium, just starts cracking up.  Way to go, a-hole.  Look, there are plenty of people who go to speak on the podium that are blithering idiots, but whether or not you are laughing at them or something else, that was more than rude, that was a seriously dick-bag move. They are trying to spill their guts about something personally and spiritually meaningful to them, and you find it a good time to start laughing?

Then, the couple decides the speakers aren't interesting enough, and try to begin a conversation with an Ecuadorian girl sitting opposite from them, while the service is still going.  Though, what's even more infuriating then them doing that, is the fact that the guy is being the most stereotypical retarded American, by not knowing anything about the subject of his conversation, and the girls spend a solid 10 minutes explaining to him where Ecuador is, and that Central America, is not a country.  Then, he proceeds to ignorantly spout racist comments about this girl's accent and how it sounds "white".

I'm telling you right now, that it takes every last milligram of public decency in me to not just get up and stab this guy (and others like him) right in the dick.

So yeah, other than that, church was pretty good....I guess.... judging from the small bits I could actually hear over the sound of blithering morons.

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