Saturday, October 29, 2011

Smooth as Egyptian whiskey

So, how was the past few days?  Well, I had to do up to Boondocks again, because I apparently missed my quota of laser tag, go-karts, and bowling.  Had a great time, just playing games with everyone while busting out horrible Family Guy quotes until I was reminded that someone's name, is in fact, Meg.  Crap.  Once again, I miserably fail at human-style interaction.

That's okay though, I found out that I'm not as bad as my Boss.  I recently found out that he's into the Twilight series, both the movies and the books.  What a sad, sad man.  I would gladly accept death first.

Nothing else interesting is really going on, other than that I have to keep an eye one of my friends this weekend, since his wife is away visiting family.  Guess it's time to call in the hookers and blow.  Just kidding, Sarah.  We'll keep it toned down to dope and beer (insert evil laughter here).

As for news not related to me but that I find kind of interesting, is that it seems that the war correspondent Michael Yon is in hot water with special operations soldiers, after erroneously (or misleadingly) reporting about a "broken" Army medivac system. Which, may or may not have had something to do with him being escorted off of a special operations FOB.  He later ends up arguing with actual special operations officers about his article on a popular SF website's forum.

I bring this up, because I was one of those fools that thought that he was a respectable reporter at one point, and that he was really breaking the mold by offering honest reporting; turns out he's just a normal scumbag reporter that never bothers learning the facts of a situation before spouting off his uninformed opinion.  I used to think he was smart, whereas now, if I met him I'd probably want to punch him in the face myself.  Note to all those who fancy themselves to be friends of the troops:  Don't misinform millions of people by not knowing what your talking about, then lash out at servicemen that are sacrificing all for you, when they just try to educate you about the truth of what you're talking about.  So go suck a lemon, Yon; hope you get an opportunity to be educated the hard way when you mouth off to the wrong people in person the next time.

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