Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Conversations at work: part deux

So, since my conscious thoughts that empowered me to come up with good topics have gone the way of the dodo, here's some more dumb ramblings from me and my coworkers:

My roomie was ogling at a picture of the very fine (and overpriced) HK417, while looking around HK's website.  I was walking by the conversation and heard him say, "I really want one of these sooooo bad."
Me:  Yeah, too bad it costs about 18 first world souls to acquire one.
Roomie:  Say, doesn't H&K make shotguns, too?
Me:  They only made some prototypes; no production guns.  For that, they partnered with Benelli, and for a short time, Fabarm.
Coworker:  What?!  The Germans and Italians are partnering up to make guns?!  Yeah, that's gonna work out about as well as it did the last time...

Yup.  Good 'ol H und K.  Because you suck, and they hate you.

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