Monday, November 7, 2011

Nostalgic nitrate...

for some classic celluloid.  I remember a long time ago, watching a short, independent film about a man that declares war on the IRS.  Called Harry's War, it was filmed entirely in southern Utah, and stars Edward Herrmann.  I dunno why I started thinking about it, but I just had to spend a few minutes to find a copy to see it again ASAP (without resorting to VHS like a freaking caveman).  It actually took some searching to find it, and it seems this movie is relatively unknown, because of a very short theatrical run, and never having been aired on network TV and hasn't been on cable since 1982.  The only copy I could find was a bootlegged one floating around on youtube, that was missing the first 10 minutes or so. 

Click on the pic to start watching

I have to say, I forgot a good portion of that movie, and it was a good watch that dealt with some serious issues, despite it's deadpan comedic presentation.  It almost makes you cry knowing that nobody is still giving a crap that the issues presented in this movie are not only real, but have have gotten significantly worse with the advent of the patriot act.

Heck, almost makes me wanna run into the hills with some friends, start calling ourselves the wolverines, and try to beat back the feds.  But, if I remember correctly, those people at Waco tried to do that a while back, and all that happened was that the crooks got to have some live target practice.  However, on the other hand, the live targets were not all completely sane or blameless, either.

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