Wednesday, November 9, 2011


My last day being somewhat of a productive member of society isn't until tomorrow, and I'm already skipping days to post stuff?  Shame on me.  The only excuse I have, is that I've been gallivanting around on Dead Island for the third time with another friend, who just got the game not too long ago, so the dead zeds are taking nearly all my time.

What's new with me?  Uh, well, I did have a winning moment at work yesterday.  In the department meeting we discussed the hard drive prices skyrocketing because of what's going on in Thailand.  My boss wasn't educated on the news, so everyone was giving their best 9:00 am groggy explanations about the flooding.  After about five minuted of terrible explanations, my roomie just blurts out "Its something to do with massive amounts of excessive liquid!"  To which, I responded, "Yes, you could say they were...liquidated."  It was easily one of my better moments.

Well, not much else is going on, I'm sorry to say.  I'll be taking a significant amount of time off for Thanksgiving this year, so I'll pretty much be dropping off society's radar from Friday till then.  Sporadic posting may be an understatement.  It was nice knowing ya!

Oh yeah, I've been trying to save up money for a newer, halfway decent computer, but it's really freaking hard to do that when I know that new version of the XCR is out.  I'm almost staring to get "that feeling" mentioned by Terminal Lance whenever I think about it:

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