Monday, February 6, 2012

mad props

So, I have yet another retarded "conversation at work story".  This one technically starts on Friday when a woman at work gave me a couple oreo cookies.  I told her I'm not a fan, and that I wouldn't eat 'em, but she insisted, so I promply forgot about them, and had two oreos occupying my desk for the whole weekend (unbeknownst to my coworkers).

Fast-forward to today, and when I come in everyone was yammering about how my boss threw away a couple of cookies that were on my desk (they thought they were fresh, and that my boss was just being a jerk).  I explained that I knew exactly where they were from, and that I never wanted to because I didn't trust the little buggers, to which a coworker said, "Sounds like someone has some major trust issues"

But then the roomie chimes in with, "All survivors have trust issues"

Man, I'm totally using that as a catch phrase.

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