Friday, March 23, 2012

Move Review: The Hunger Games

So, last night I was given a chance to see a free screening of The Hunger Games.  I remember seeing a preview for it a while back, and thought it had potential to be good, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to see it for free.  In all honesty, the real driving force for me seeing it was to see the actress playing the lead role (wowzers!). 

So, after what seemed like an abusively long running time, I came to the conclusion that this movie can be summed up quite well by saying that it's a very predictable, slow paced, Americanized (sanitized) version of the much more entertaining "Battle Royale" Book/Movie.

Now, Hunger Games was somewhat entertaining, and wasn't a bad movie, just don't go in expecting to be surprised, as it's not a particularly good one either.  It's also worth noting that despite spending a significant amount of time developing a few characters, you still don't care about them by the end of the movie, nor is there anything actually accomplished or resolved by the end of the film (for better and worse).  In particular, the story focuses some time on a possible love triangle that is both worthless and unimaginative, and seems to just get in the way of the real story.

It's also funny to note that when the book (of The Hunger Games) released, it was even then criticized for being a more boring version of Battle Royale.  So, long story short, if you want a less violent, more family friendly, and also a boring version of a great film, go give The Hunger Games a shot, while the rest of us watch Battle Royale.  I promise that even though you have to put up with subtitles, BR will give you much more entertainment.

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