Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Couch potato nutrition facts

So, after a considerable time of being fed up with some of the shows I was watching, they having fooled me into thinking that they are were not full of fail, I have moved to somewhat greener pastures.  Sons of derp was one that especially upset me, because of the ridiculous inaccuracies (or bold faced lies), and the pathetic focus on drama.  Now though, I believe that the show American Guns has actually filled the void left by my disappointment in sons of derp.  Despite a few historical mistakes, American Guns is much more informative, enjoyable, while at the same time has much less drama.  It's a win-win so far.
Check it out, they aren't complete morons!

Also, I happened to stumble upon an interesting little movie called Tomorrow When the War Began.  I heard that it was like a Aussie version of Red Dawn and had to check it out.  So, how does it compare?  Well, although the premises are quite similar, they go about telling their stories in much different ways, with different goals in mind.  Red Dawn is at it's heart, a movie that focuses on the action (of course), and the hardship of war and deterioration of friendship/humanity.  Whereas, with this film, it focuses more on the how the lives of these teens had changed and how they progress and adapt into being less stupid, I suppose.  Bottom line: it's a pretty good flick, just a little slow at times, and with characters bordering on learning disorders.

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