Thursday, April 26, 2012

My yapper

So, I was telling someone earlier this morning how my week has been fairly droll, then it seems no sooner had I said it, things suddenly became much more exciting in an "I hate everything" kind of way.

First, I find out that there's way more to do at work then usual (not too bad of news, but still), followed by my discovery that Cryptic's servers has been hacked (again!), albeit this time with users names and password being leaked (who's accounts have credit cards attached to them).  Then compound that I may have ended up wasting a bunch of money, and that the whole day I've been carrying feelings like I'm beginning to feel sick to the stomach.   Oh, and tack on the now disturbing noises going on outside, that overtly resemble that of a carjacking.

So yeah.  Today has a bit of a mark on it so far.  Heck, I'm thinking there may be only one thing to cheer me up, but I know that's not happening today, or possibly even tomorrow.

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