Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bag lunch of meds

Well, there are so many things going on that I could talk about.  There's the RF-4 shootdown on the Syrian/Turkish border, or the new developments in the investigation of operation Fast and Furious, or there's the recent debacle with the INS.  Heck, even in my own life there's plenty going on; in fact, I planned on posting this yesterday, but I just ended up being too busy for that. 

But, I'm not gonna talk about any of that, because now that I have a little bit of free time, I'm too busy living the dream of flying 1960s and '70s era fighter jets in Strike Fighters 2.  I bought that game knowing I would like it, but this is the most fun I've had flying a jet since Falcon 4.0.  Compound that with the fact that I've recently downloaded the relatively unknown classic film "The Final Countdown" and you have a recipe for me not wanting to do much else but tear around in an F-14.

However, I will say that I really need to get the a/c fixed in my car.  Being that the weather is flirting with triple digits soon, it's starting to not only be irritating, but it's actually cramping my style.  Never thought I'd say that, either.

What's really frustrating is the fact that this cough is still sticking with me after all this time.  My voice still sounds like a cracking teen's who is chain smoking like a fiend.  I even had people offer me some under-the-table drug based solutions, but I think I'll wait till Friday, and get some antibiotics on the down-low.

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