Monday, July 23, 2012

Free-range children!

Sometimes, I see things that may be a bit out of the norm, and my imagination will just go crazy.  Take for instance this bumper sticker I saw a while back:

Yeah, I remember signing my kids up for Cowboy Ted's kiddie barn!  Now my kids are grazing only the finest grains and corn.  Got hyperactive kids?  No problem!  They'll just throw 'em in with the sheepdogs.  Got fat kids?  The cows enjoy good company.  Got shy kids?  They won't be out of their comfort zone by sticking with the sheep!

Now the wife and I can rest easy, knowing that our kids have a much reduced chance of getting mad cow disease, because unlike other day care centers, Cowboy Ted's only serves the kids the finest of FDA approved food that doesn't exceed the 3% limit on human flesh content.

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