Tuesday, July 3, 2012


So, my lack of posting yesterday was a combination of sleep deprivation and being somewhat busy.  I'm thinking today might be somewhat similar.  Except for work, that is.  Since tomorrow is an important holiday, most of the company has taken the day off, so my usefulness has pretty much been reduced to being here for looks. 

I'm hoping tomorrow will offer more entertainment or at least occupy my time.  Thankfully I have plans to go to lunch with some nice people, so that should be good. 

Also got involved in a fun conversation at work about licensing and pirating Microsoft products.  One of our coworkers insisted that he actually pay money for Microsoft home products.  After giving him a light mocking, he responded with, "Well, I guess I'm just nice like that."
Our admin says, "sounds like you're too nice.'
I quip, "sounds to me like you have more nice than sense"

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