Friday, September 28, 2012

Selective memory

I can't rememeber if I mentioned this or not, but I guess I'll have to state it here.  I'm a big gearhead when it comes to military aircraft.  I have all sorts of flight manuals, simulators, training videos, and even aircraft components strewn about my personal effects.  Another one of my coworkers is also a mil-air afficianado, and we're constantly butting heads over our opinions on the matter.

On one particular day, he got fed up and simply challenged me to a duel.  We would pick a flight sim and each of us would have a different plane and go head to head in some DACT.  He insisted I get the first choice, so I made my pick: the F-14D*.  I think he was upset by this choice, but then said he could still wax me (which he very well might, I dunno his skill level).  But the thing that made me smile was that my roomie chimed in at that moment and said, "I dunno if you wanna say that, he's pretty dang good at flying in those sims, I've seen him.  He doesn't just yank and turn, he knows other turns."  I was laughing for quite a while.

Makes me wish that freakin' Strike Fighters 2 had a dang multiplayer feature, because I'd really love to take on more actual people, and maybe even get into a furball.

*I love me the harrier, but if I can do BVR kills, I'm going for the 'cat.  The real choice is deciding which skin to use: Sundowners, Bounty Hunters, Wolfpack, or the fighting '84.

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