Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's the most wonderful time of the year (I think)

Despite knowing better, I actually enjoy Halloween.  The only problem is that I tend to lack some imagination, so it ends up being another catch-22.  I like the holiday, I like dressing up, but I never have any good ideas for costumes, and when I do, I don't have the means to actually do it.  It makes the whole day a love-hate relationship.   Christmas and birthdays on the other hand, is super easy.  All you have to do is just listen to what people say all year, then surprise them by getting them exactly what they wanted.

Anyways, I'm also having a fun time realizing that I am completely unable to make plans anymore.  I'm one of those people who tend to get a bit anal when it comes to making plans, so I try to avoid it.  Now that I'm trying get back into the swing of making them, I come to find that I've lost all common sense when it comes to planning things out.  Great.

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