Monday, November 26, 2012

Time away

Going "home" for the holidays is an interesting thing.  I love seeing all my relatives and engorging myself on good food, all while relaxing away from work. But, it's simply an interesting sensation when you go to a place you've lived a good portion of your life, and it just feels like some place you're familiar with and not like "home."  Not that I don't feel at home or welcomed, it's just not my home, is all.

Also, as much as I complain about the tediousness of the drive to the underbelly of the state, I do enjoy driving enough that I still enjoy the trip.  It is pretty scenic.  That, and you never know what cool stuff you'll see on there way there and back.  I think I mentioned about how last time I saw a KC-135 making touch and go passes at the Cedar City airport, which was cool.  However, the attractions this time were a bit more mundane.  I just ended up counting the inordinately high amount of roadkill deer on the shoulder. I think I got to about 12 before I stopped paying attention.

Darn.  Looks like I just missed getting the roadkill in the frame.

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