Thursday, December 6, 2012

I have a monster too

Funny that sometimes I become so lax in my reading of the awesome list of blogs that I follow, that I end up just skimming over some without truly reading some if it.  This is a habit I really need to break, as I find that whenever I am pondering something weighty, it seems someone had just made an awesome blog post about it, that explains it far better than I could. 

That being said, please take a moment to read this excellent post by Law Dog on his blog.  It totally sums up the subject I've been thinking about the past few days, and is worth a read regardless.  It kinda reminded me of a statement I heard about some pansy people being upset about a rise in justifiable homicides.  Sad to hear that they don't get the fact that it's justified, hence the name.  I firmly believe that force and violence is extremely effective at ending injustice, and is sometimes required.  I will never hold reservations at using lethal force to protect myself, or others I care about.  I've been told I'm "less conventionally moral" and that I hold a very different view from the common person, but this is something I view as perfectly logical, sensible, and necessary.

However, I didn't always think this way, I used to live in denial of the monster inside.  I used to think I was simply 'a good person' and that no such thing dwells within me.  It ended up going out of control and ruling me.  Like most things in life, living in ignorance/denial of something simply endangers yourself and others.  Owning up to it and being responsible with it, is key.

On a related note, I've also come to realize that I forgot to add a few people to the good 'ol blog roll over there on the left.  One in particular I feel like crap for forgetting to include is A Girl and Her Gun.  Lots of good insights and info, along with good reading.  I highly recommend.  So go read, be educated, and have fun.


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