Friday, December 7, 2012


I remember getting my Samsung Galaxy S, thinking that I'd be using the camera a lot.  Turns out because I never actually use it as a phone, I never have it on me when I need it.  I'll always realize far too late that I left it at home or at work.  Which is really frustrating, because I'll find myself totally useless when I run into something I really want to take a picture of.  Like yesterday morning, when we had some epic fog.  I mean it was some seriously beautiful, rare, visibility under fifty feet type of fog.  I had the urge to snap a pic right then and there, but lo and behold, no camera in my pocket.  Drats.

Though, one thing I did have my camera to take a snapshot of was my terrible fortune I got from Panda Express the other day.  I swear, the idiot who writes these things totally has it out for me, or at least has the completely wrong idea about me.
I'm thinking this was meant for someone else.

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