Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Oh my gosh. I found it.

A real post will follow soon, but right now I'm so stoked about finding this, I'm just beside myself.  I've been looking for an English version of this documentary for ages.

I remember watching this fascinating little show on NOVA when I was young called Top Gun and Beyond, and we even recorded it on VHS, and I subsequently ran that dang tape into the ground watching it over and over.  So, the tape died, and for the longest time I tried searching every dark, obscure corner of the internet and the aviation community to find a copy of it, with no success.

So, imagine my frustration when I stumbled upon a copy in Spanish on youtube a while back.  It was cool to see the footage again, but I was really dying to watch this thing in a language I could understand again.  But now, I just barely find out there is a full copy of it on another corner of youtube; in English this time, just masquerading with a different name (the original name was much cooler).  This copy isn't the original dub, it's a version with a different narrator for the British market, although he's reading the same script.  My only complaint with this dub, is that it seems to cut some bits of the (at times) awesome soundtrack, particularly the ending theme.

There are a few views that are dated in it, and some that are blatantly wrong (such as the very pro lightweight/low-cost short-range fighter philosophy), but many of the points it covers still holds up pretty well.   Nevertheless, enjoy one of the coolest documentaries on fighter combat I've ever seen.

Top Gun and Beyond

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