Monday, August 5, 2013

Because even though you suck, we hate you a little less now...maybe.

Funny how I posted a movie review where I do nothing but go on a nerd rage rant about the new trek movie, but now I'm making a post mocking the cult of HundK.  Hypocrisy.  I haz it.  So buckle up, and grab a hot coco, cause I'm gonna have me a rant about the good ol German arms manufacturer and their well deserved meme coined by Larry Correia.

I have always liked H&K's products, possibly stemming from some minor mall ninja tenancies from my formative years.  Could be all the Rainbow Six I played, or the peeking at the Soldier of Fortune mags hidden away like porno in the supermarket. but nobody can deny that HK makes some superb products.  I still drool as much as the next fanboy when I happen to see a G36 or an MP5, but that doesn't excuse their horrible prices, terrible selection for the civilian market, and equally reprehensible service/support to their civilian customers.

They will never live down this little SNAFU.
Now, fast forward to today, and I can't help but notice there are a few more HK focused articles on The Firearm Blog recently.  Most of which seem to be rallying the fanboys to the comments section like trekkies to fanfiction (or flies to the turd).  The moment anyone mentions the funny (and highly true) meme of "because you suck and they hate you", I see several arguments from the angry fanboys as to why that's not the case, but anyone with deductive reasoning, along with more sense than money, can see right through them.

My biggest complaint with HK, was the fact that they sell absolutely nothing that the US public actually wants to civilians, unless you're a cop.  Then, of what they do sell, it's priced so ridiculously, that I could go out and buy several cars as an alternative.  Now, some of this can be blamed on the incredibly hypocritical US importation laws, but a vast majority of the blame rests on HK.
Holy crap, that's overpriced and ugly!
For example, If you look at the difference between the European SL-8 and the one available to Americans, the layman would think it's a completely different rifle.  However, the only big differences between the SL-8, G36, and XM-8, are cosmetic (other than different magwells and stocks).  Back in the day, HK shipped a ton of manufacturing equipment over to it's american plant to start manufacturing the XM-8.  When congress pulled funding for the program HK lost a ton of money and had to figure out what to do with all this now worthless (in their eyes) equipment.  Instead of simply modifying it, and producing a civilian semi auto M-8, or maybe a proper SL-8 to sidestep all those dumb importation laws (which I guarantee would sell like hotcakes), they simply sold off most of the equipment at a great loss.  And this is just one of many scenarios in HK's sordid history with missed opportunity and money in the American civilian market.

But alas, I may have to eat my words, as it seems as though they are beginning to show signs that they may be pulling their craniums out of their posteriors to see the light.  As evidenced by a new article I saw today on TFB about the possibility that they may be selling civilian legal MP5SDs!  Now, I can't get overly excited, as I'm sure they will be priced competitively with the cheapest of supercars, but it is nice to see them finally offering a product that people have actually been wanting.  So, is the old and still hilarious meme of "you suck and they hate you" coming to an end?  Boy, I hope so.

I am drooling so hard right now.

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