Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Things I hate #809345

Effing therapists and psychology majors.  Now, before complaining that I'm generalizing, let me explain.  There are a good number of therapists out there doing good work, and I have greatly needed their services before, and have benefited greatly from it.

The ones I'm complaining about are the ones you have trolling around your HR department at work.  You know who you are.  You worthless sacks of crap do nothing but sit around all day and fiddle with security badges while playing Orwellian mind games with everyone about political correctness, and then have the nerve to jump all over my back about how I need to go see a therapist when I happen to be having a stressful day.

You ever stop to think that maybe I actually do real freaking work around here and that it's damn stressful on occasion?  Just cause I have an bad day once every few months doesn't mean I have some kind of issue, or need to be psychologically profiled, it happens to everyone!  I'm just having a bad day!  Why can't you people just suck a lemon and leave me the hell alone?  

I appreciate it when someone takes the time to ask if I'm not doing so good, or ask if they can do something to help, or even when they blatantly tell me off and/or yell at me for being a bit abrasive.  But when some know-nothing blowhard does nothing to help me but to say that I need therapy, boils my blood.  Just hearing that crap makes me so agitated, that I actually want to talk to a therapist about how you seem to insist that I need to see one whenever I stub a toe.  Perhaps it is an issue stemming from your near-worthless degree and you are trying to perpetuate the profession by flooding it with patients who don't need it?  I think that can be analyzed and treated.  Perhaps you can see a therapist about it?

To sum up:

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