Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I thought that was impossible

More gun related randomness for your perusal.  Sometimes I get the urge to look around for some Mosin Nagants just because they are cheap and fun.  Imagine my surprise when I find some tricked out custom job that actually costs over 1k.
click the pic to see the description
Never thought I'd ever see a Mosin (custom or not) sell for over a few hundred dollars. Wow.

Friday, December 13, 2013

What a crazy random happenstance

So, I forgot to mention in relation to my last post that I was on the phone with my mother the other day, and I came upon the realization that despite having lived in the general vicinity of the bay area for over a third of my life, I have never been to Fleet Week.  How messed up is that?

I miss you, Moffett

Let me start off by saying this: I love the sound of jet fuel being turned into noise, I mean I LOVE it.  Having lived in viewing distance of Moffett Field back in the days when it was still NAS Moffett, I adored the fantastic display of power and wonder that were continually delivered by every military aircraft that came in low streaking over the ground after taking off from that runway.

Many a fond memory I have of going to the airshows held at that field. I remember seeing all sorts of aircraft like S-3s, A-6s, A-7s, P-3s, F-14s, F-18s, and I even saw a Russian MiG-29 perform a display there.  All sorts of cool stuff that makes me squee like a little girl to this day.

So I was especially excited when I found a couple of youtube videos that show an areal display from the cockpit of an F-14 at the very same field itself.  Sad that the old hangar is without a coating anymore.  But, anyways, go give these videos a watch for a really cool perspective of an airshow display.

Navy F-14 Airshow HUD Part 1 of 2

Navy F-14 Airshow HUD Part 2 of 2

Oh, and if you've lived in the vicinity of a military airfield, and are one of those morons that have called in to complain about the noise, even once, I hate you.  I really, truly do, and I hope a thousand low altitude formation flights interrupt every night that you try to sleep. 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

I love playing as the bad guys

Well, I've mentioned before how there is a lack of fun multiplayer shooters around, but I think I may have found another good one in Payday 2.  It's basically a bank robbery simulator where you get to act out all your favorite scenes from movies like Heat, Point Break, ect.  It's interesting to me especially because of the emphasis on teamwork with other human players to accomplish certain goals.

It also has some fascinating depth with some bewilderingly intricate weapon modifications, rpg style character customization and skills, and really fun and tense gun-play.  The real fun is in all the little details they add, such as custom masks for scaring the crap out of people, holding hostages, making barricades, ext.  Also, although you play set characters (with a whole webseries to accompany it), they don't feel like they are intruding on your game, like others where it just feels like it's no longer "your" gaming experience.

All in all, the high stakes robberies in this game simply prove that it can be both challenging and fun to pull of a major heist; virtually that is.  

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

After action report

So Thanksgiving went off without a hitch.  I really enjoyed my time just relaxing with the rest of the family, spending most of our time just watching Rifftrax, or some other crazy show.  I love going down there, even though staying an extra day made for such terrible traffic on the way back that it was inducing murder worthy rage.  What is it with these Utah drivers?

The real trouble this year will be securing time off around Christmas to see if I can pull off the same stunt again.  I should have a bit of extra cash for the holidays, and I'm looking forward to having a bit of cash to maybe pick up some ammo for the 12guage, 20guage, and some 9mm before heading down again.  I'm feeling the urge to move some desert real estate around with boomsticks again.

Monday, December 2, 2013

But, but don't they hate me?

So was there some kind of personnel shakedown or management change up over at H und K recently?  Cause that's the only explanation I can conjure up for them suddenly doing an about face on their long standing tradition of thinking that I suck and hating me for being a civilian.  Especially when you hear things like this in the pipeline:  The new HK243  and HK293.

I mean wow.  Just wow.  Granted, I still expect them to charge about as much as a firstborn sacrifice for it, but at least they've realized nobody wants their crappy little SL-8, and everyone has always wanted a G36.  Now if they really wanted to surprise and shock me, they could price it reasonably for around 2G or less then offer a 5.45 variant or conversion for it.

On a related note, I wonder if it would put guys like this out of business?  On the other hand, no matter how friendly HK gets,  I doubt they'll ever offer an XM8.