Thursday, February 20, 2014

A lot of overlap in this community

Anyone at all familiar with the gunblogging community, immediately comes to know it is the most diverse group ever.  However, we all have a few interests in common that bind us together.  Aside from guns, I've noticed that a disproportionate amount of 'em are tabletop or computer gamers.

Now there's nothing wrong with that, but I can't be the only one who is massively disappointed every time I see someone mentioning RPGs in their blog and find out they aren't talking about this:

Friday, February 14, 2014

On another gun related note...

I can't help but notice that throughout the ammo shortage this past year, that no matter where I go there seems to be at least a fair amount of .45ACP available.  So, I have determined that my next pistol purchase has to be in God's own caliber.  However I've noticed a problem when shopping for an automatic pistol chambered in the brainchild of Saint Browning.  If you want to buy a well known pistol (to avoid having to scrounge for parts and mags because no one else bought your hipster gun of choice, and it's no longer on the market), you're stuck enduring the following trifecta:

State of the winter address

Well, the holidays were enjoyable, with me spending all my time down south for Christmas and then having some time round new years to relax at home as well.  Christmas is truly my favorite time of year, and I'm sad that it's now passed and that we already find ourselves on the cusp of Valentines Day.

I 'm quickly coming to miss the winter snows already, as the weather has been warm enough to be nothing but rain the past week, and we are already deprived of majestically enthralling scenes like so:

There's just something endearing me to that winter weather.  I love that stuff. 

The gift of a blade

I am blessed to know some really cool people.  People who are so cool, they know that the gifts I appreciate the most are the utilitarian ones.  I like trinkets and toys, they're fun, but I think everyone will agree you'll get more use out of a tool, clothing, or some type of supplies and those are the gifts I enjoy the most.

So I got to say that I have quickly become inseparable with one gift I've gotten this year, that has entered the realm of EDC nearly immediately.

when other people show me their knives I want to say, "may your blade chip and shatter!"
Didn't even realize the Boy Scouts of America have their own licensed knife, but I got one.  Like any other knife it has it's pros and cons, but this has quickly succeeded my Gerber as my go to pocketknife, and that's not just cause I misplaced it again.

Granted, the downsides include a grip that's just slightly too thick to be discreet, the finish was rather cheap and is beginning to wear already, but that's the worst I can say about it.  The blade itself is nice; I've been a big fan of tanto style blades for pocketknives.  It's also a thick blade for a knife of it's size and it comes with (comparatively speaking) an excellent edge from the factory.  That same edge seems to hold quite well, the screws don't seem to have any problems staying in place, the grip feels quite natural in the hand, and it's rubbery coating ensures a firm grip even when hands are slippery.

As much as I do like the BSA, I'm not too keen on it being written on the blade, but I very much enjoy the old-style logo on the grip.  I am genuinely surprised at how may people who I've shown it to that were in the scouts that have no idea what that logo was and that I had to explain it to them.

Nonetheless, a very good knife and I'm very appreciative for such a fine Christmas gift, courtesy of:
Just cause I don't' think I've made enough Shaun of the Dead references yet.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Oh thank goodness I can finally relax

January has been a cruel mistress for me, but now that it has passed, and I am now moved into the new abode, and things have otherwise begun to normalize.

As with any change there will be upsides and downsides.  The downsides: the new place aint as nice as the old place, I don't have as much time to myself, as it is much farther away than the old place, and I have to put up with the idiots riding the train.  But that don't mean that it has doesn't have it's advantages.

So, the upsides are: despite all the idiots, I still like riding the train, I am directly under the flight path to the Air Force base here (I know I'm weird, I'm the only one I know of that loves the sound of low flying jets), I'm next to a million cool places to eat (such as an excellent Irish pub I like), the place is cheaper, and I'm actually closer to a couple of friends out here.  All in all, I think I've come out on top.

Not the prettiest looking train, but at least it's patriotic in color?