Friday, March 14, 2014

Ah, the weekend

How refreshing.  Obviously it's been a very difficult time to draw up some content.  generally, when I have nothing to write about it always defaults back to guns as it's something I like to think I know a little about, that I'm constantly learning a lot about, so I revert in the the man's equivalent to window shopping for shoes or handbags.

The new apartment still hasn't been adequately unpacked to look presentable for anyone yet, I'm finding it harder and harder to find the motivation to do so as time goes on.  Also, I've quickly abandoned any desire to have amazon deliveries come to my place, as they hold all parcels at the office, due to it being a section 8-type place, so that's a bummer.

Finally got a minor amount of cash for me to buy the next three books in the MHI series, which I've already started delving into (and am already enjoying thoroughly).  Hopefully I'll also be able to get the Dead Six series as soon as I'm done with MHI.

What's sad is that there's not much else to tell.  I've probably just had the most boring month of my entire life, and I think I'm beginning to like it like that.  It seems whenever I get tired of the mundane, and I try to go out do fun stuff, but then I get nothing but bad experiences out of it.  So now I've become this bitter and boring old man while still in his 20s, because I'm always hesitant to go out and do more when I get nothing but screwed when I do.

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