Friday, March 28, 2014

what keeps on slipping?

So, this week has been going by so dang fast, I think my head is spinning.  Not much is really happening, but I gotta say there's some great stuff on the horizon.  It looks like my brother is going to be able to stay with me for the duration of the summer this year, and I'm thinking of organizing some cool stuff for us to do.

So far, I'm thinking that on the way back up to my place we can make a few stops at some military crash sites.  There's a B-52 site right at the edge of the state that's a good candidate.  While here, I was thinking of going on a mini road trip one weekend to visit some historical sites and museums, then by the time I need to bring him back the Blue Angels will be in town making for a nice finale.  Should be some good times.

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