Monday, March 31, 2014

with your two cents and my two cents, we got... something

Okay, so the internet has been completely abuzz with the actions of one Senator Leland Yee and the subsequent media bias.  Since everyone and their housekeeper's dog is talking about it, I feel like I only have three things to say about the whole fiasco with this role model of violent video game crusading and gun control:
  1. Thank goodness they caught the guy.
  2. I wish they had caught him a whole lot sooner. 
  3. Holy freaking crap, I had no idea that irony came in flavors so sweet! I'm going to be savoring the flavor until I die of super-cavities and gingivitis.  Seriously, this is nothing but the most epic win against gun control and dummies that wanna ban video games, but I'm gonna be too preoccupied with sipping on the delicious irony juice.  Oh, and enjoying the great memes that it will inevitably spawn.

*Images blatantly ripped from somebody's facebook page.

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