Friday, May 2, 2014

breaking even

Time for more conversations at work.  Had a couple of funny exchanges, one at my expense, the other a pretty good quip.

First up is the gaffe: I have a Star Trek ships of the line calendar at my desk that gets a fair amount of attention from passers by, and today was no exception.  Our consultant was sitting next to me and noticed me changing it to this month's picture, of which is a sample:

He immediately asks, "Why would you want to be looking at the anus end of the ship?"
"Hey, I'll take the Enterprise any way I can get it." I shot back.
*Queue the sound of a pin dropping with numerous heads turning slowly in unison*
"Awwww crap."

Thankfully I was able to make up for it when I stumbled upon another conversation in which the boss was talking:
"Yeah, the wife's car needs some new brakes."
"Just be sure not to use the other guy's brake pads." While mustering my best Chris Farley voice.

So much for that raise I was about to get...

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