Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The squirrel's leftovers

So, catching up on missed episodes of the Squirrel Report, the latest's (no. 107) call in topic was blatantly ripped from an Ace of Spades post.  The post poses a fun question that says you can travel back in time to do one thing: you can either cure or kill any one person in history.  However, the rules are strict; you can't cure and kill someone, you only have the choice to cure OR kill one person (and I believe you can't choose living persons, either).

The comments were really good, but after a while they have kind of veered off to something I think is a bit more fun.  So, I think it would be fun to expand the idea to include what people were doing in the comments.  Same basic concept, choosing people from history, but we change the arbitrary rules to include three people: one you save, one you kill, and one you marry.

I can see this being the ultimate hangout topic.  I've been thinking about it since listening to the episode, and I'm still having a really difficult time trying to narrow down the choices of people down to one for each category.  So far this is is the best list I could come up with.
can we get this guy a "shoot me" t-shirt?
I'd kill Karl Marx and subsequently save hundreds of millions of lives (and intellects)
I'd save Joseph Smith Jr. from being shot (man, that will really open up the possibilities! And piss off a lot of intolerant/ignorant people at the same time!),
and I'd marry Roza Shanina (because what a babe! and classy, too.  I'd sure as hell turn her capitalist.)
Momma always said, "Only marry a girl with confirmed kills!" ...or something like that.  I think.

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