Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I think a plan is just a list of things that don't happen

I think I must be a horrible proofreader.  I swear, I have gone back and edited the grammar, punctuation and layout of each of my posts more than three times.  I gotta pay more attention to what the heck I'm typing.  Either that, or have someone constantly slap me upside the head while typing, in order to get it right the first time.

Anyways, I spent all day today downtown, sipping Sidral and Sangria with some friends, in order to forget everything.  Didn't really work, but hey, those drinks aren't exactly high in alcohol content, so that's probably the issue (and yes, I'm a teetotaler).  I wish I could say exactly what I'm trying to forget, but I can't really get into that without coming across as a complete jerk (or a crybaby, depending on how you see it). So, I'll just end this post with some more good music, since I haven't done that in a couple days.

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