Sunday, October 17, 2021

More relaxing tunes for Sunday

Ice T singing metal, and doing a great job of it. What a time to be alive. 

Saturday, October 16, 2021

In where I oust myself as a religious kook

Okay, so I've been going on a number of rants recently, but I am a white, nerdy Mexican with glasses, so, isn't it expected?  Anyways, this one gets theological, so if you don't wanna deal with it, feel free to move along. For the rest of you staying, well once again:

Friday, October 15, 2021

To not be a 'useful idiot'

Soviet defection stories have always intrigued me to a large degree. I've bought and read both books by Victor Belenko and Alexander Zuyev detailing their defections in MiG fighters, which are incredible stories. As someone once said, "you will never find a more ardent anti-communist than a former one."

I can only imagine what it would have been like to see Belenko's Foxbat in japan on the news. 

However, of all the defectors I have educated my self on so far, the most interesting by far is the story of Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov, also known as Tomas Schuman. Although the pilots certainly had multiple motivations, be they political, safety, moral, and monetary needs before defecting, Bezmenov is a man who was motivated purely by a moral disgust with his government and job working for said government. 

Total Chad right there

He not only has a fascinating story to tell about his defection, but also of his life, why he came to the west, as well as his passionate desire to see it's culture and values defended from any kind of attack. Especially from the specific and devious tactics of his former employer, the infamous KGB. 

It's more than a shame the man died so young (aged 53 due to heart attack), as I'm sure he would have had more than a few hot takes and thoughts on modern events and trends. Although, I'm sure he would have also approved of the tone and message of his use in the new Call of Duty Cold War teaser trailer (despite it being a fairly mundane game). Don't pass up watching that one!

Below I'll embed the video for his most famous interview on his life, defection, and job. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 14, 2021

The AR-15 IS a military firearm and civilians should own them - change my mind

In all honesty, I don't like being divisive. However, I am very willing to be so if it's at the cost of honesty.  

I'll admit I'm of a certain political persuasion and because of that, I do enjoy watching Steven Crowder fairly often. Okay, okay, I know I'm sounding like a broken millennial record here, constantly spouting about freaking youtubers, but hear me out. Steven has made a pretty big splash on the interwebs and in national news for a variety of reasons, but I think his most ensuring claim to fame is his "Change my mind" segments (I mean, it's still a popular meme). 

My only major disagreement I have with the good Mr. Crowder is his argument for defending the AR-15 and it's derivatives in his anti-gun control segments (including the Change My Mind specials). He states multiple times on his show that the AR-15 is not a military firearm and that they just look like military firearms. I doubt he is intentionally trying to be disingenuous in his stance, but it is a very dubious argument at best for defending the 2A, refuting gun control, or preserving the civilian right to own AR-15s, and it's blatantly inaccurate or dishonest at worst. 

Now, it's not a complete falsehood, there are some important differences between a military issue M4/M16 type weapon and what's commonly available to to civilians without extensive bureaucracy and licensing, but most of those will never make much of a difference at all in handling, performance, or looks of the gun. My argument being that they are basically the exact same firearm and design minus just one minor feature. They are so similar as to make almost no difference to the average person and they would likely never know the difference, even if they handled and shot both. This same reason is also exactly why the average citizen should never be restricted from owning it.  

One is civilian, one is military. Can you tell the difference? Does it even matter? Some will tell you the difference is just cosmetic, or that they are different guns and just look similar. This is all bullcrap.

For clarity's sake, the civilian AR market has such an insanely wide range of differing features and components to be ridiculous, but we'll operate on the principle that we are trying to compare to the average rifle that is advertised as an M4 style (or M-forgery) mil-spec AR which is still one of the most common to the average gun buyer.

So obviously, this whole post is to help those with little or no familiarity with specifically the AR design. For the uninitiated, here's a little primer on the parts of an AR-15 and another short video on how the AR-15 actually works

So, where's my proof for this, you ask? Let's make a small list of the similarities and differences in parts/components between the average civilian AR15 (in an Mforgery/M4 style) and a military M4 type rifle below: 

SightsLower receiver
Pistol gripsFCG/selector
HandguardsAuto sear
Rail systemsBolt carrier
StocksBarrel length
Upper receiver
Gas system/ Gas tube
Bolt head
Buffer and Return spring
Muzzle Devices
Charging handle
Dust cover

Buckle up, this'll be a long one after the jump:

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

In reference to one of last week's posts

Now, I don't remember who sent me this, or where I might have found it, but I thought it was pretty interesting nonetheless. It's a video produced by the Canadian Military Police about how to go about traveling from West Germany to West Berlin.  I may have been alive during the 80's, but I certainly wasn't of a cognitive age to remember any of the Cold War at all.  So for me, this was an interesting glimpse into the tensions of the time. Enjoy!

In other news, if you haven't stopped by the Unwanted Blog in a while, this made me laugh real hard. Just a shame that guy doesn't live in my state anymore, he's totally someone on the blogroll I wouldn't mind having a sit down conversation with about a number of topics. 

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Aviation conspiracy theories for $100, Alex.

So, I was watching some YouTube videos, and one of the channels I subscribe to (Found and Explained) had a video on the Ho 229 and its derivatives that never left the drawing board.

I really like his channel, it focuses on all sorts of prototype and unbuilt designs; it's a lot of fun, and usually well researched. But, he's admitted he's new to the world of aviation and was never really an enthusiast before making videos on the subject. So naturally, he sometimes makes mistakes. But in the videos I pointed out above, he continually refers to the Horton aircraft as being 'stealth' or 'stealthy'.

That's a very popular theory among amateur aviation enthusiasts; that the Ho 229 (or any other advanced design) was the wonder weapon that would have turned the tables for the Nazis in WW2 if produced in proper numbers. They say this and boast that the Horton design specifically was the first "stealth" fighter.  Of course, the Horton is not the sole focus of this delusion; for some reason loads of people love to fantasize that some wonder weapon would have changed history if it just was produced in numbers.

Well, I'm just here as a friend, to tell you to stop it. Stop the delusions. No, it freaking was NOT the first stealth fighter. No, it wouldn't have been enough to change the course of the war, even if produced in numbers. This stupid tripe was started by a special the Discovery Channel aired years ago, and people have latched on to it as if it was proven, but it really only has the same validity and proof as Ancient Aliens.

Now, yes it was among the first successful flying wing designs as we know it today. Being a flying wing, it's the same BASIC design used by the current-day B-2 stealth bomber. Yes, the reason the stealth bomber uses the design is that it makes it naturally harder to track on radar while lending itself to a naturally lower radar cross section (RCS) from certain angles. 

However, even the Discovery Channel's special on the Horton aircraft dispels this very myth while trying to prove it. For example:

In the special, they take a replica of the Ho 229 to a radar range run by Northrop Grumman to test the radar returns of the aircraft. In this test, they even stated they did NOT include ANY metal components needed in the workable version of the aircraft, including the engines. This is critical, as any respectable aeronautical engineer will tell you that engine faces and intakes are a huge contributor of RCS. Any metal components are also a large factor in creating radar returns (obviously), which is why all stealth aircraft use radar absorbent and deflecting coatings on top of their unique shape. The coatings being a primary component of stealth technology.

The RCS of a variety of common aircraft compared to stealth aircraft

That being said, the results of the test in the special still showed only a 20% reduction in the Ho 229's RCS compared to a common Bf 109 fighter. Compare that to the B-2, who's RCS is near 0.6% of that of a non-stealthy aircraft of similar size. Being 80% of what is already there is NOT an impressive number.  That, and when you integrate the engines and metal components back into the Horton, I really don't see how the RCS would stay that low, if not increase beyond the Bf 109's. 

The Horton Ho 229 is an amazing, beautiful aircraft that was far ahead of it's time, with impressive performance projections (that certainly influenced modern designs); but so was the Me 262, and that didn't help the Nazis either. Between incompetent upper leadership, misuse and lack of resources, a significant depletion of experienced pilots due to combat losses, and a lack of training for replacements, the Ho 229 had no chance of changing any aspect of the war, even if produced in numbers.

The allies would still have made tactics to counter the new threat as well, just as they did for the Me 262. In the immortal words of the late, great Chuck Yeager, "The first time I saw a jet, I shot it down." 

I still like to think of historical "what-ifs", but I don't get the desire of some to fantasize that the Nazis were just one weapon away from ruling the Western front.  But hey, since I'm on a roll with my Columbus post and dispelling common myths, here are some other bombshells:

Michael Jackson was innocent

The last election was fraudulent

Nazis never had UFOs

and Epstein didn't kill himself

Monday, October 11, 2021

The brightest of lights

This is an emergency post. Dugan Ashley, the creator of the CarnikCon You Tube channel, is one of the greatest You Tubers of all time IMHO.  He has certainly made me laugh harder and more often than anyone else there, and has endlessly pissed off the 'ol fudds that have no sense of humor. Just a shame he was unable to carry on with his channel longer, as he had what I thought was just financial and time constraints.

Because of him, I know that I need to store skittles in my AR pistol grip, which rifle is best for combat in space, have the biggest scope possible on an SBR, MP5SD means MP5 Super Duper quiet, that woman no drive, to always wear 'meriflauge camo, watch out for the pack of crazed rapists following me everywhere, to like Freedom America Ale, a Daewoo is basically an F-15, and to shut the f up because he knows I like the HK G36.

So, color me shocked and saddened to hear that he has been dealing with the hardships of multiple sclerosis for a few years now, which has become a debilitating condition for him. There is a fundraiser to help him with the expenses for his medical treatment and the page says that his prognosis is not good, and that he might not survive for very long(careful, this link is a tearjerker). 

There are not many causes on the internet that I go all in for, especially to the point of promoting it to my non-existent readers, but this is certainly one.  If you have the ability, I would highly encourage to donate just a few dollars to his cause. I'm nearly broke, and I'm still sending a few dollars his way. I can't imagine how rough it is for his family, and I would like to help him just be with them for a bit longer. #PrayForDugan

Help out Dugan and you can be awesome too!

Happy Columbus Day!

As someone with a now provable and significant percentage of mesoamerican heritage, I say indigenous people's day can go screw itself, because it's Columbus Day!  The indigenous people of this land, despite having some aspects to their culture that were admirable, have not, and likely never would have brought us the things we love about our world and culture today. 

In Columbus' time, Europeans were exploring the world, establishing free trade around it, advancing in technology, developing concepts that would evolve into modern medicine, and attempting to reform their culture to be more civilized. On the other hand, at the same time, the indigenous people in the Americas were making human sacrifices, raping young children, had little concept of personal property, hunted more species to extinction than the 'white man', and had an insane amount of tribal warfare that killed far more of them than all the incursions from the 'white man' ever did. Heck, some that consider themselves "educated" on them would also have you believe they didn't even have the wheel (which I think is a crock of crap, but I digress). 

Back to the original subject: on this day, we celebrate a man who may not have been an exceedingly righteous man, but he certainly did not commit anything close to what the uneducated masses seem to think he did. No, he did not commit genocide, no he did not enslave natives, or intentionally bring them disease (germ theory, let alone warfare, was not developed until the 1800s). 

In fact, here's a great site with an exhaustive list of sources.

That, and many seem to be under the mistaken impression that he didn't accomplish much. He was vastly influential in how we see our world today.  What he did do was prove what mathematicians and others had been saying for years: that the earth was not only round, but that the oceans would be a viable way to open new trade routes, discovered the difference between magnetic north and true north, was the first to effect true global trade, and he did discover America to the benefit of the world. He was an incredibly good tradesman, negotiator, diplomat, an accomplished and experienced navigator.  Ships even to this day still use the courses he plotted and sailed in his time. 

No, he was not a saint, but we don't celebrate him for being one in the first place. For example, many US presidents hailed by many in a higher regard than Columbus, have knowingly done far more insidious things if people were to actually look into their dealings. 

Columbus went out of his way to deal as fairly and justly with the natives he encountered as he knew at the time (and was really a progressive mind for his age).  He also harshly punished those under his command that did not treat the natives in what he thought was fair or just. 

So far all that, yeah, I think he deserves a day and maybe a few statues that should stay up. Just a pity that nobody but bankers really get to enjoy it. 

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Obligatory weekly music post

 Because I can't be bothered to write anything today, here's some more music:

Saturday, October 9, 2021

How do you kill that which cannot be cancelled?

So the big hot button topic in the news recently is the "outrage" over Dave Chappelle's latest Netflix special. Every time one is released, it seems to me that Netflix is the one that starts to manufacture the so called "outrage" as a marketing ploy to increase the viewership.  But, even with manufactured outrage comes people who are duped and actually believe the outrage and start fighting over it. Actually, mecharandom42 has a pretty good opinion on that, which sums up my own.

I am of the opinion that Dave Chappelle is one of, if not the best comic of our generation outright. I can understand if people don't like him, as some of his humor can be more crass or vulgar than even I can enjoy sometimes. However, I can't deny that he is not only incredibly funny, but has earned his reputation as one of the best comics around. Why? Because the man is not only riotously funny, but he hates political correctness, and intentionally makes his jokes revolve around topics that are hot-button issues, that are divisive, controversial, and even political in nature, then manages to get people on both sides of the issue to laugh about it. Then goes on to that every single time he performs.

It's obvious that he is on the other side of the political spectrum than I, but I can appreciate that he not only doesn't want to shove it down his audience's throat, but he goes out of his way to construct his jokes so everyone can laugh, and thus not restrict his future audience. Also, he does seem to like to do things to try to help the world become a better place, as well as seeming like a genuinely live and let live personality, to all he comes across. He's specifically stated he wants to help people come together not only through his comedy, but with all of the charity he does. I wouldn't say he's a class act, but he's certainly seems like a genuinely good guy.

So, I've only gotten about halfway through his new special, but what I saw so far, I loved. I'm going back to finishing it, and I'll share one of my favorite older bit of his with you here. Also, since it's now the weekend and you're hopefully either off work or soon to be off of work, so: