Wednesday, May 18, 2011

'Better red than dead' just lacks discipline.

Got into a discussion last week with a very pro gun control person.  I never expected to get anywhere when it came to changing his opinion, but I wanted to see if I could de-construct the conversation enough to get to his core beliefs on the subject.

Our discussion had plenty of finer points, but the intriguing point of the conversation came when I brought up the fact that an armed populace is not only a safer society, but that it can either deter tyranny or enable revolution in the face of an oppressive government.  He (naturally) refuted my "claim" and stated that not only would government forces annihilate a widespread public revolution, but that the only way gun control can truly work is if the entire populace is completely disarmed.
Long live the fighters!
I responded by pointing out that that the only countries that have completely barred firearms were mostly extremist regimes, such as the Nazi party, and many communist nations.  I added that I would much rather die supporting the cause of freedom with the tools that can enable me to do so, rather than live to see my country become such a state.

He countered by saying that there is no hope of countering the powers that be, and that he would rather be alive and oppressed than dead with a gun in his hands.  I wanted to clarify, so I said, "So you would rather live as an enabler of an oppressive state than die for the cause of freedom?"
"Yes" he replies.
"Just checking...."
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There is his core belief.  It is perfectly natural to want to ensure self preservation, but when you can't find the cause of freedom worth dying for, I will question that man's integrity and sanity. 

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