Monday, May 9, 2011

Conspiracy Theory

No, not the Mel Gibson flick, I mean that garbled stuff you hear from other people all the time.  I don't seek to offend anyone I know with this, this is just me waxing eloquent once more.
See, no sooner than the announcement that Bin Laden is dead, there's already millions of people saying that it aint true and that it's all a hoax.  Lookey here, friends; I hate to burst your bubble, but, let's look at this objectively.

First off, we are currently under one of the top three dumbest administrations in American history.  I highly doubt that any conspiracy would last longer than a month at best, due to the sheer ineptitude of the government as a whole, let alone the bumblings of the current POTUS.  Thinking they'll get away with something that big is just putting waaaayyyy too much faith in those blithering fools.

I mean, seriously, when's the last time the government has tried to keep something secret and it got out?  Like every other freaking day.  That and if the military, on the other hand, really want's to keep something under wraps, it stays that way.  Heck, there are plenty of cold war operations that are just now coming into the light.

Secondly, and most importantly, DEVGRU (SEALS) have confirmed the operation was a success and his DNA was even matched with that of a family member's.  Now, I dunno about you, but every serviceman/woman I have met can be described as many things, ie. psycho, danger eating, victory crapping, utterly crazy, or as death defying bad-assess. Now, despite that, a small minority of them can be total douchebags, but NONE of them are what I would call liars.  At least not about the work they do, and this especially applies to those who have seen combat.  Now, do you really want to be seen refuting the claims of the most honorable professional killers on the face of the earth?  I don't think so.

Yes, Reuters released false pics of it, but don't blame the military or the government because of false reporting.  The sad part here, is that the REAL conspiracies are often right in front of our faces, but instead of
calling those ones out, some just insist on finding patters that aren't there.  For example, bailing out a bunch of failed companies is a blatant act against a free market, and that all happened with the public's full knowledge.  Or the fact that the POTUS is completely unwilling to drop an investigation against CIA agents that may or may not have tortured terrorists in order to obtain the information needed to get Osama.

Say what you want about the administration, but when a trained professional killer sets out away from his loved ones for months on end in order to blow the brains out of some unholy bastard just to make your cushy little life a bit safer, you damn well better not call his kind a liar when he has sacrificed so much just to report 'mission accomplished'.
But, hey if you really wanna piss these guys off, be my guest.
Not only that, but the military has had such a budget crunch in the past few years, that they pretty much have to live with being total cheapskates.  So, no one there is stupid enough to let a priceless, brand-new, never-before-seen stealth chopper get f-ed up just to further an illusion, or bother trying to pass it off as another UH-60 when they could have just used one those instead of the stealth chopper.

Oh, and as a side note, SMBC has a great comic on the subject of conspiracies. 

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