Friday, May 27, 2011

Conversations at work: part deux

So, my coworkers and I had just picked up our lunch from an upscale burger joint and were munching down on 'em at the office.  Not being a fan of fry sauce, I offer to give my sauce to one of my coworkers for his ketchup.  He then gets all defensive, thinking I wanted his fry sauce.

I say, "Sheesh, why do you gotta be all high strung?  I could give you a hug, if you think that'll help."
He momentarily lifts his head away from his very messy burger just long enough to quip, "Okay, but it'll be pretty saucy"
Everyone immediately stops eating just long enough for him to realize just what he said, and I reply, "Man, that was the most wrong thing I have ever heard you say."

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