Monday, May 30, 2011

Like an extra sabbath

It's Memorial Day, and one thing that is pressing on my mind is the fact that the cost of freedom is paid in lives, and not just in battle, but in the everyday defense of our country.

Case in point: On the causeway to Antelope Island, right before the entrance to the park, there is a very small turnoff that has a walkway with a flagpole and stone memorial.  It's not often noticed, due to it being mistaken for the flag for the park entrance, or perhaps just a scenic view.  But, in October 1992, at 9:15 pm, during a special operations training exercise, an MH-60G Pave Hawk crashed into the Great Salt Lake after losing control in extreme weather.  After a fervent search effort, it was found that all but one of the 14 servicemen aboard, died in the crash.

Their names are now forever etched in stone, a sobering reminder that the responsibility of national defense has always been a serious endeavor, regardless of any peace or wartime condition.  So, be sure to remember in your prayers, those that make our way of life possible, and give them the support and respect they so rightly have earned. 

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