Wednesday, June 29, 2011


My whole department got into a fun discussion the other day about what kind of pistol each of us would like to buy next.  My roomie started by saying he was going to get a Glock 21, along with a 10mm conversion kit for it (since the models 20 and 21 share the same frame), so he could have the choice of a man stopping caliber, or a man-ending caliber.  Someone else mentioned the 3in Taurus Judge (blithering moron), and another tossed around the idea of getting a SiG P238, or a P226.  Most of these being pretty darn good choices.
Oooh, so shiny!
As for myself, I couldn't quite make up my mind.  I'd really prefer something in .45ACP, but I can't settle on what my dream gun would be.  I'm considering one of those double stacked Para Ordinance 1911's, but the more I think about it, the more I realize I'd squee like a little girl if I could get a CZ97BD with the factory wood grips.  Ooh, those things are dead sexy.
Just look at the hawtness of the '97BD!
Either way, it'll still be a while 'till I can afford any pistol, but these are a couple of the small few I would actually consider getting.  But, if I happen to come across an original Jericho 941 for a good price, I'd jump on that in less than half a heartbeat.
because I can't stand that slide mounted safety/de-cocker on the newer models.

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