Monday, June 20, 2011

The talking doesn't end

So I got a call while at work from "The Curs·ed Woman", an unusual event, indeed.  Personal calls aren't out of the question at my work, so I answered.

Now, my coworkers, the sharp, pointy-ended tools they are, who have known me for years, noticed this and came to the realization that this is VERY out of the ordinary for one such as myself.  Him?  Talking to a woman in a familiar manner?  The same one who, for eons avoided women like they were diseased bear traps?  Yup.  So, like a ravenous pack of lions, they slowly crept out of the brush to gather for an attack.

Not knowing of the danger lurking nearby, I exchanged the usual greetings between us and inquired about her day.  Now, was their time to strike.  The first lunges with his jaws open, "Hey! No kinky phone calls are allowed at work!"  Followed by another spouting, "What are you doing man!?!"

Misunderstanding the situation, she asks, "Are they jealous?  Just tell them life will eventually get better."

I reply, "No, you don't get it.  I work with standard nerds, and they all work in IT.  They're all living the F-ing dream!"

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