Thursday, October 20, 2011


This is breaking news!  I think that may actually be a first for this blog, but it's true nonetheless.  Special kudos to the roomie for bringing this one to my attention.

Remember the public realtionship-challenged, yet promising company Robinson Armament?  Well they're back, and with more good news than you can puke rainbows at!  Where do I start?  Whadda ya say we just have a good ol fashioned list:

1.  They finally released a 5.45x39 for all of their XCR-L models!
2.  They have a much more functional redesigned folding and now adjustable stock!
3.  They're back to selling VEPRs, but now have models that accepts M-14/M1A magazines (limited supply)!
4.  A completely new, redesigned website, that is much easier to navigate.
5.  The XCR-M (.308 Win and .260 Rem) is now released to the public!
6.  For those that care, they also offer their short barrel models in .300-220 as well.
The 7.5in SBR model with that sweet little new butt stock

Here's the new XCR-M in .308

And they still have plenty more ideas on the table, such as: continued development of the 6.5 Grendel  conversion, a .22LR conversion, nabbing a booth at the shot show, along with (so far) better communication with the outside world and their customer base, along with a new twitter account.  So go check 'em out!  Seriously, stop wasting your time here.  The post is over, finito, done.  Be gone with thee!  Okay, fine.  Here's another pic:

The New Standard 16in barrel XCR-L

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