Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Books! They're not healthy...

So, I've finally come to admit that Wikipedia is a bad thing for me.  Why?  Well, first, one must understand my reading habits.  I have two bookshelves that nearly look like they were carbon copied from Brigid's home.

Seriously, I own more than a couple of the same books she's got there.  Anyways, as soon as I hop on to the online encyclopedia of doom, I invariably end up either reading about over-sized gatling guns, Soviet small arms development, or today I found myself wasting hours just reading about the Chinese made copy of the AL-31F engine that powers the Chengdu J-10 fighter, which made me read more about Chinese fighter development in recent years, such as the Xian JH-7A, and the J-8.  No joke.  All day wasted, just like that. And do you like how I'm posting the links to 'em, so you can waste your day as well?  Nah, I doubt anyone I know cares to read it, let alone find it fascinating.

Also, just to keep the gratuitous gun porn quota up, I recently saw via Soldier Systems, that Magpul makes a variant of the P-mag for the HK G36.  Excuse me, while I go drool some rainbows while huffing unicorn farts.

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