Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Every single day.

A friend of mine invited me to his daughter's birthday party, and I am at a complete loss of what to get as a present for her.  I mean, I'm a single guy in his mid 20's, who's never had any sisters, sisters in-law, or any girl playmate in his elementary years, so how the hell am I supposed to know what to get a 9-10 year old for her birthday? 

So, I turn to the only source I have for such information.  Her dad.  He then tells me that she's into the normal little girl type stuff.  "well, I have no idea what the crap that entails!" I responded.  He then proceeds to give examples of stuff she likes, such as (but not limited to), clothes, makeup, nails, jewelry, and etc.  Great.  More crap I can't (and won't) even begin to relate to.  So, he then brings up that she likes Justin Bieber.  I swear, I could just feel the blood rage start seeping through my veins just at the sound of the evil one's name.  The only thing I could do to avoid the imminent hatred fueled cleansing by death with blood stained eyes, was to simply say that I'll think of something to get her...

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